volunteer opportunities

Want to get involved – here is how you can be a SOS helper.

Donate your clothes, shoes, toys, books and home décor items to Marketplace x SOS. We are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10AM-5PM, however outside these hours we have a DONATION bin in place at both the front and back of the store available 24/7.  Google Map link here.

Socials – are you good with a keyboard? We need someone who can do three posts per week on SOS Facebook and Marketplace x SOS Facebook. Help us reply on Meta Business Suite. Our volunteers send you the content and images, and you weave it together and post it for SOS. Easy.

Newsletter – making its return in 2024, this once-a-month email sent via MailChimp (newsletter software) needs an author – someone to gather info and add photos and send for us each month. It can be done from anywhere in the universe in your spare time.

Contact us on email info@sistersonsamui.org.