SOS Painters group

In October 2021, Covid restrictions on Samui started to ease and a small group of our island’s painting enthusiasts got together and decided to create beautiful hand painted wooden objects to sell to raise money for Sisters on Samui (SOS).  

We started small with 12 donation/tip boxes and 18 kick stools, and in 2022 we completed 12 rectangular boxes, 3 jewellery boxes and 6 wood hanging pictures. 

Our group generously donated money for paints and materials and precious time to create 51 pieces of beautiful hand painted artwork sold in the SOS shop, markets and monthly lunches.  We have all loved getting together once a week at the SOS shop and have welcomed many new talented ladies to the group, some only joined us one time and many came almost every week over the past 6 months.  

We have raised approximately 35,000 THB and still have a number of gorgeous stools, boxes and pictures up for sale at the SOS shop.  Please stop by to see what’s on sale … they make great one of a kind colourful gifts. 

We will take a break over the hot summer months and hope to meet again this coming October (2022) to create gifts and decorations for Christmas.  

A big thank you to all our contributors including:

  • Gyorgyi Balazs
  • Lynne Beach
  • Jane Brazier
  • Linda Brett
  • Elisa Cohen
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Carole Emmett 
  • Marie Frederique Deleage
  • Cindy Dunlap
  • Jeannie Garland
  • Valerie Hanssen Ross
  • Niki Kursakul 
  • Pat Ladd
  • Jenni Lipa
  • Yvonne Roberts
  • Melanie Reilly
  • Frances Rendall 
  • Tammy Wade
  • Claudia Wilkinson
  • Sarah Wilkinson

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