• is answerable to the Board. 
  • is expected to further the interests of SOS. 
  • is the main contact with SOS. 
  • is responsible for providing a programme of activities for the year. 
  • is responsible for ensuring that relevant communications are circulated.
  • attends all SOS hosted events.



This position presides over committee meetings and covers for the President in their absence. The Vice-President does not automatically fill the role of the President when the President retires.


The Secretary:

  • is responsible for receiving all cash and transferring it to the Treasurer.
  • is responsible for convening the AGM – sending out a notice to all participants and all matters relating to the AGM including the election and re-election of the committee members and recording the minutes and related action points. 
  • is responsible for maintaining the register of all participants who have signed up with SOS.
  • is responsible for minutes at any meeting where the President/Co-President is in attendance.
  • can appoint an alternate if needed in an emergency 


The Treasurer:

  • is responsible for receiving all monies from the Secretary.
  • is responsible for maintaining the written financial records of income and expenditure of the Group. 
  • is responsible for running the finances.



The Associate Directors (x 3 roles)

  • provide guidance with regard to business and finances


The Board – as a whole

  • has control of the funds, investments and property of SOS; 
  • shall receive and collect the income and rents from said property, and pay the same through the Secretary to SOS;
  • shall execute all leases, contracts or other papers necessary or proper in the premises when authorised by SOS
  • shall hold at least one regular meeting each month and such special meetings as may be required
  • It shall present to the SOS membership a segregated Budget per adopted Bylaws
  • Shall see that the provisions relating to the sale, lease, purchase, exchange, gift or substantial alteration of SOS real estate, shall be strictly complied with. 

Structure of the Board

The new board will consist of 7 people,

  1. Foundation Director 1
  2. Foundation Director 2
  3. President (aka Foundation Director 3)
  4. Vice President
  5. Associate Director 1
  6. Associate Director 2
  7. Associate Director 3


Note: the Secretary and the Treasurer provide support to the Board, but will not sit on the Board