Local Matters September 2021

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Update 20th September:

Based on community feedback, we have made the decision to award 3000 THB to both families in September.  SOS will provide 3000 THB to Khun Sek’s fundraiser for physiotherapy and a prosthetic leg, and 3000 THB to purchase nappies for Little Chit Ko and Chit Nyi.  

SOS will review the program and provide updated guidelines for the Local Matters initiative going forward. 


Cause 1: KHUN SEK

On 29th June this year Khun Sek had a head-on collission with another motorbike, who’s driver was on his phone and did not see Sek. Khun Sek sustained serious injuries to the right side of his body, and his lower leg got caught between both motorbikes.  Unfortunately they had to amputate his leg, below the knee.  He also had surgery on his jaw. 

“Since being home he has been working hard on his recovery and managed a trip to Makro with his girlfriend where he declined the wheelchair and instead used his crutches to get around, how brave is this man!! He still has daily physiotherapy for his arm and leg and we see great improvement. He also now calls himself ‘The Clean Team Engineer‘ as he currently sits at home and fixes all the machines that give problems”. 

Khun Sek, the sole family breadwinner, is one of our nominees for Local Matters in September.   The funds will go towards his prosthetic leg and ongoing physiotherapy, so his life may return to some normality. More information about Khun Sek’s journey here. 



Little Chit Ko and Chit Nyi are now six months old, we met them when they were just born. 

We visited them this week, to see how they are growing. To support Mummy Ma Cho’s breast milk we have provided some milk formula. She is kept very busy with these two, and said the boys are both healthy and well right now. However they have no nappies, or pampers as they are called here in Thailand. In fact whilst our Sister visited them, and cuddling little Chit Ko, he had an accident on her. So we would like to help with this, and provide nappies. 

Dad works a few days a week earning THB300 a day, and to support his family of 4 plus another daughter in Myanmar, it’s tough. So the twins Chit Ko and Chit Nyi are one of our Local Matters nominees for September 2021.