Local Matters October 2021

There will be a few changes to the Local Matters program from October 2021 onwards. 

  • We will seek nominations from the Sisters for causes & families that need a little extra help, and we and will share 2 of these each month. 
  • Sisters on Samui will donate 3000 THB to each cause or family. So the total allocation to Local Matters will be 6000 THB per month.
  • If you would like to be involved in the nomination and selection of Local Matters causes, please email Nat, community@sistersonsamui.org.  

Sisters on Samui forms ongoing relationships with these families and causes, and makes follow up visits to see how else we can help. As a result of sharing these stories, we’ve also been able to get extra support from other volunteers in the community to support these families.  


This month we bring you news of baby Rio who today had surgery for head trauma. An accident put him in ICU, and his Aunt lost her life. So far THB 400,000 in medical bills has been paid through the generosity of the Samui community. Sisters on Samui will donate THB 3000 towards his further medical bills. Rio’s parents are well known to many Sisters on Samui, and this very sad accident has been so hard for them all. Nong Rio is receiving the best available treatment at Bangkok Hospital Koh Samui. Our prayers are with him for a full recovery and full long life.


Our second cause is Thai grandmother and grandchildren, six year old twins Nong Ni and Nong Name who walk the streets of Chaweng to collect recyclables to make an income. They have no mobile phone, and so our intention is to arrange a simple phone with a 12 month package. The twins lost their father earlier this year when he passed away, and their mother works from 11 hours a day packing sand bags. They are not complaining, they work hard to make a living, and SOS has been able to give them food packs, and the phone will help them stay connected. So a sum of THB3000 will go to their phone and package.


Please put forward your ideas of local groups and/or Thai & Burmese families on Samui who are facing extreme hardship (eg. medical conditions, etc) who could benefit from our monthly LOCAL MATTERS donations.  

This small token of support will make a a big difference to many lives and fur-friends on the island.  

Since February 2021, the Local Matters program has supported Samui Snake & Wildlife Rescue; Female hygiene and personal care products for women in the local community; Nong Au, a young Burmese boy with cancer of the eye; Pariah Dog Sanctuary, A sidecar/bike to a large Thai/Burmese family in Hua Thanon; Purchased adult diapers for the people we see during our #FeedSamui handouts; Helped Uncle Chart’s family (with 10 people living under one roof); Provided some much needed help to the Sawan Maa Happy Horse Sanctuary; Donated food to help Khun Beam and Helen look after 50+ soi dogs;  Contributed towards cooked meals for people who have no or little income and or no food (cooked by by Khun Jinta Boonsuk); Donated money to Ocean School Lamai, a volunteer led afterschool program; Money towards physiotherapy for Burmese boy Nong Win who has spina bifida; supported medical bills for little Jitlada, a two year old girl who’s development is not where it should be; contributed towards Khun Sek’s rehabilitation and prosthetic leg; purchased diapers for 6 month old twins, Chit Ko and Chit Nyi.