Local Matters Community Initiative 2022

Every month Sisters on Samui will seek nominations for causes & families that need a little extra help, and we and will share 2 of these each month.  Sisters on Samui will donate 3000 THB to each cause or family. So the total allocation to Local Matters will be 6000 THB per month.

If you would like to be involved in the nomination and selection of Local Matters causes, please email Nat, community@sistersonsamui.org.  

Sisters on Samui forms ongoing relationships with these families and causes, and makes follow up visits to see how else we can help. As a result of sharing these stories, we’ve also been able to get extra support from other volunteers in the community to support these families.  


Covid turned the Thai students world upside down.  With many Thai schools closed from April to December 2021, and classroom learning just starting again in January 2022.  

One very practical way we can help to get the kids back into the classroom is by providing schools with bulk supplies of masks, and hand sanitiser.    

Our volunteer Nat went to meet Headmistress Khun Monnapat of Ban Laem Hoi School in Ban Tai, and volunteer Tammy went to meet School Director Khun Luck of Wat Plai Laem School.  Sisters on Samui donated 21 Litres of Hand Sanitiser, 550 kids face masks and 250 adult face masks to each school. 


Our Local Matters recipient in February was the gorgeous Khun Tuta,  who some of our volunteers assist. They reached out to us for help. Khun Tuta has some health issues, and they sought our assistance for some dermatology approved skin cream for her which we are glad to say she now has a few months worth supply in hand. Khun Tuta lives with her Mother, and she and Khun Tuta are grateful for the help. Smiles all round. That’s what Local Matters is about – helping however we can make someone’s life a bit easier or more comfortable. 

Happy Tails Sanctuary Koh Samui was facing its annual rent payment once again. Part of Local Matters for February has been donated to Francoise to help make this possible. Among many heros on Koh Samui looking after Cats and Dogs, Francoise is just one of these incredible humans doing just that, looking after the welfare of these animals. THB3000 has been donated towards the annual rent of their home.

MARCH 2022

Samui Special Needs Foundation was seeking donations to go towards the onboarding costs of a foreign teacher, who will plan curriculum initiatives for the school and teach the children.   Education is close to our heart, so Sisters on Samui contributed THB 6000 to the onboarding costs.  Two other private donors also contributed to this cause, meaning they raised the full amount needed.

APRIL 2022

The Volunteer Rescue Organisation ‘Kuephai’ – with stations across the island – reached out to us for some help for medical supplies such as gauze, bandages, saline solution, tape, betadine. 

Ambassador Yvonne dropped of a boxful of medical materials to Lamai Rescue team, so they can keep up the good work they do, supporting medical emergency response island wide 24/7.


Please put forward your ideas of local groups and/or Thai & Burmese families on Samui who are facing extreme hardship (eg. medical conditions, etc) who could benefit from our monthly LOCAL MATTERS donations.  

This small token of support will make a a big difference to many lives and fur-friends on the island.