Local Matters August 2021

Every month we allocate 5000 THB to the Local Matters initiative.  Funds will be allocated based on the Sisters’ voting.  We will either vote online, or in person at the SOS Ladies Lunch every month.

Cause 1: Ma(s)king a Difference

Mas(k)ing a Difference are a small group of volunteers who are hand making masks. Masks are now compulsory, and a must wear to help prevent infection against Covid-19. This group sews re-usable masks. To make 200 masks the cost is THB1450.  We propose to order some masks and hand them out in the villages on Samui where we do our food handouts. Take a look at their Instagram page to see some of their great work.  

CAUSE 2: Little Jitlada

For all parents, their only wish is that ones children grow up happy and healthy. For young first time parents who belong to the Nepalese & Burmese community in Chaweng, they are instead faced with uncertainty, angst and bills. Little Jitlada, aged two is having to undergo tests to ascertain why her development is not normal for her age. This involves overnight trips to Suratthani to see doctors and specialists, and to do a CT scan, then a MRI to rule out each possible cause. For an out of work Chaweng beach road shop owner this adds strain in so many ways. Being so young and not able to communicate, it is still a mystery as to why little Jitlada’s growth, development and communication is not normal. Father Jeethu, who has called Koh Samui home for 15 years, so kindly helped a Sister on Samui recently to paint classrooms for a temple school, and it was only then we learnt of his plight. We would like to nominate this little family for Local Matters support in August 2021.