Local Matters APRIL 2021

This month we are sharing 2 causes that we feel are worthy of some donations from SOS “Local Matters” in April.  

 The April ladies lunch has been postponed due to Covid, therefore we are inviting you to vote online for “Local Matters” this month.  Scroll down to the bottom to submit your vote.   

We are also modifying the initiative slightly.  The cause with the most votes will get 3000 THB, and the cause that comes second will get 2000 THB.  Our total spend remains the same at 5000 THB per month.

Cause 1: a biKE for uncle lung

Uncle Lung came to our attention from Karen-Lee since Jan’21 and we have supported with food, clothes, water, dog food.  


Karen-Lee and Marc and Nat plus some local Thai girls, have been supporting him and his animals. He is a land caretaker, has no gas, no water source and no electricity. He does choose to live there and we are going to try to rebuild his house, Marc has funds for that in part. 


However he has no transport so we think a bike will help. Karen-Lee has THB2K and a donation from SOS Local Matters can  him get a little bit more towards his wheels.


Thank you for considering Uncle Lung for our April Local Matters cause.


Whilst on our rounds of food handouts we have noticed quite a few adults and big kids wearing diapers.  Having mobility and/or incontinence issues must be so inconvenient and costly for these families.  To give you an idea of the cost, it’s 399 Baht for a pack of 24 adult diapers (size L).

We are proposing to buy and distribute some Adult sized diapers through our #FeedSamui network.

Thank you for considering the purchase and distribution of adult diapers for the April Local Matters donation.


Thanks to everyone who voted online for Local Matters in April 2021

The final results are:

  1. Uncle Lung – 23 votes
  2. Adult diapers – 4 votes

We will donate 3000 THB towards buying a bike for Uncle Lung, and put 2000 THB towards adult diapers to be given out through the #FeedSamui network.

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