How has COVID-19 affected you?

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Guest post by Steffi Day, Light of Day Holistic Healing

People of Samui, how are you all feeling in the continuing aftermath of COVID-19?

This time of year is a notoriously hard time for the stresses and expectations of the festive period not to overwhelm many people.  Many people find the relentless checklist of parties, presents, families, financial and social pressures too much. 

This year, in particular, is one in which there are no handbooks, no “How to live life during the shutting of the world.” These are unchartered waters, a rollercoaster storm which none of us have ever navigated and no-one expected would continue for so long. As we approach the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year, I can not but help wondering how on earth our mental health has been affected. We have seen people arguing, falling out, go out of business, unable to be with their families, locked in with their spouses and children, schools closed and re-opened. However, we have also seen our community support rise up to help each other. 

Having talked to many people here on Samui and my friends around the globe, what is emerging from the initial fear of catching COVID, the accompanying issues of panic, anxiety, social disconnection and families who have been separated, is a collective feeling of grief….. in its many forms.

You may be grieving the loss of a life once live, a loved one, a sense of security, financial income, travel, family and feel powerless and demotivated .  You may feel depressed, or isolated, angry and fearful… YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS.  So what can you do, how can you weather a storm which is uncertain in its length and breadth?

Here are a few tips …. 

Anger – it is perfectly okay to feel angry, it is a human emotion, an energy, which left unchecked can and does do serious damage to those around you – so let it out. NOT towards people…… Scream in the ocean, get to the gym, bash inanimate objects, punch your pillow… move the anger from your body.

Depression/isolation – practice self care, positive affirmations, get into nature, talk to your family, reconnect with people, ask for help

Fear/Anxiety – disconnect from fear inducing media, breathe, go for a walk, a swim, practice meditation and yoga, tell people how you feel.

In general… we all have a choice…… be negative, angry, anxious and isolate or……. Be positive, do something kind for someone, smile at people, get involved financially or offer your time to charities or people who are trying to make their part of the world a better place. Make someone laugh, walk away from arguments,, reach out to people you care about…..we have got this.

Talking to someone can help you work through the anxiety and stress you might be feeling. Contact Steffi for a confidential chat.

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