Fighting For Elephant’s Rights in Thai Parliament

Animal rights/welfare issues and Elephant’s Rights are ignored by governments in many countries. This is most clearly seen of late when an animal’s right to be heard, and the public’s right to know, are shadowed by the creation of law which protects a business rife with cruelty, and yet increasingly concealed in darkness. Politics and powerful lobby groups often bind their hands together. Animal Ag Gag laws are a perversion of justice, for ourselves and certainly for an animal.

Politicians will prioritize matters concerning people, thinking that animals hold little significance to the human social politic. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially as our current global dilemma has made plain. It must be denial or vested interest, to seek to obfuscate the connection between an animal’s living conditions and human well being.

Let us remind ourselves that almost every disease epidemic, like MERS, SARS, Bird flu, Pig Flu, COVID 19, and many others, find their origin in the abuse of an animal’s rights. Blame for a disease is not to be placed on the animal, who almost always fall victim in a crisis, vilified for their potential to cause us harm. But the fault lies squarely on human shoulders. It is we who have made them sick by commodifying life for profit and jaded appetites.

"I respectfully ask you to use your influence – and your hearts – to demonstrate your reverence for the elephant, your national symbol. Please do not leave them starving and suffering”

The bottom line business mentality pushes ethics into the gutter where the disease spreads. It is our heartlessness that has enabled this crossing of barriers. It warrants investigation, not concealment. Ignorance is not bliss when it is killing us. Awareness of how our lives are being sustained may be a difficult journey, but far more so for the animals whose lives wallow in filth, fear, and misery. It is time to be conscious and responsible.

Animal welfare is a global dilemma. Their living circumstances allow for the spread of disease and have an effect on humans at so many levels. It’s time for governments to pay attention, and have an ear to the common voice, not special interests. When the government fails in this duty, the citizen must take action.

A large group of people came to the Thai Parliament today calling on the government to create a law that protects animals and their inalienable rights. This group included my friend, Susan Field, who devotes her life to helping the animals of Koh Samui. Today she presented over 64000 signatures to the Thai parliament, requesting the government to protect by Law the Thai elephant. I would like to thank all of you for representing the animals in parliament.