Thousands of Thais and Burmese, who live on Samui who were employed directly or indirectly in the tourism sector now have no means of support, due to the sharp decline in international tourist arrivals due to COVID-19.  This is the reality right now here, these locals were the hotel workers, restaurant workers, chefs, cleaners, barmen, gardeners, and taxi drivers – and they have lost their jobs. Most of them come to Koh Samui to work and send money home to their parents, children and their extended families. 

Sisters on Samui started handing out food packages containing rice and basic shopping items in March 2020. The first day we saw so many people who were too shy to say they were hungry and didn’t have enough money to feed themselves.

SOS Feed Samui village


We are fundraising now to buy food essentials for the many families on the island who are struggling to get by.  We are buying RICE, NOODLES, FISH SAUCE, EGGS, COOKING OIL and even such essential items as BABY FOOD, NAPPIES, and SANITARY ITEMS.

If you can help in any way, please contact us or make a donation here.  

Please help now and if possible on a regular basis so we can fight this problem together and be proud that when the time came we stepped up to help.

Samui hand sanitiser