Feed Samui Update – October 2020

Feed Samui newsletter Oct 2020

Six months ago the world changed.  Suddenly there was a need to help the local people and displaced workers here on Koh Samui.  Our little island had been shut off from the rest of the world, tourists left in their thousands and so many establishments and venues had to make decisions about what they could and should do.  Many places closed or halved their work force and left folk without any kind of income or support at the time.  Sisters on Samui (SOS) kicked into action.  We knew that if we could help in any way then it was to put food on the table of these people, it could at least keep the wolves from the door a little longer.

This was no small task.  To date, 2.7m THB has been raised for this initiative of which 2.1m THB has been spent.  This number does not take into account all the food that has been generously donated and collected over the past 6 months, from so many locals on the island and also from our drop off points  We are still doing food hand outs to individual camps and did a fantastic food bank at Chaweng Lake Thursday 17th September which drew in over 2,000 individuals!!

How much does it cost you ask?  Well here is the bill:

2 tonnes of rice      50,000THB
10,000 eggs           30,000THB  

This allowed us to hand out 1.5kg rice per person and 2/3 eggs – enough food for three days!!! 

Thanks to all the help, from near and far, we have been able to feed about 2500 people per week since March!  Truly an amazing feat.

It seems the island is getting quieter – and we also have no idea of when tourists are coming back – so we will keep doing what we are doing as long as we feasibly can.

Without ALL OF YOU we would not of been able to take on this monumental task, from our amazing bag packers to donors of money or food (from home and abroad) – and all those volunteers including the amazing Samui Rescue, that have helped us at the handouts – from Yvonne and Juliette – THANK YOU!