Drum Roll for: Karan Ladd

Karan Ladd Maths Teacher, Yoga & Pilates Instructor

This week’s Island Business Drum Roll goes to the fabulous Karan Ladd. Karan is a Maths teacher – and she also teaches Pilates and Yoga classes.

Karan offers private one to one Maths lessons for students aged 6 to 16… (Up to and including IGCSE exam practice). Lessons can be in-person or online via Skype, Whatsapp or Line.

A UK qualified teacher with 25 years experience, Karan focuses on building confidence as well as knowledge, understanding and logical reasoning which leads to enhanced problem-solving skills in Mathematics. Sometimes she has had kids ask for extra maths lessons as a treat!! or birthday present…. maths can be fun!
Perhaps you know some kids who could benefit from some private maths tutoring?  Contact Karan on Facebook or call 081 440 1711.

Karan is also a Pilates and Yoga instructor. Those who have attended her classes know that  she makes you work hard, but you always feel great afterwards. Karan teaches group classes at Studio Figure 8, Elysia and The Yogarden. Pilates classes are suitable for men and women of all ages. Building core strength can help with back pain and sciatica. So why not give it a go?

Group class rates from 300-500 baht per person. Private lessons are also available. View the weekly schedule here.

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