It was announced that all foreigners will be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine under Thailand’s vaccination plan.  Unfortunately we don’t know the timing.  We will share more details as we find out more.


A). Did you register for the vaccine using the app?  

If so, you would have received an update over the weekend by SMS, saying the “Registration Status: Approved”, and more details to follow.  The text message looks like this.

B). Did you register for the vaccine at Nathon Hospital or at the Chaweng Vaccine Centre (by the lake)?  We have been advised that you should register via the app.  After you submit your application, your information will be sent to Immigration to verify your residency, after that you will receive a confirmation by SMS.  We encourage you to register for the vaccine using the app (details below).  Have your passport handy and find the details of your visa.  


Foreigners who live in Koh Samui who have not already registered for the vaccine can register for the vaccine online.  You will need your passport and visa details.  Scan the QR code below.

How to register for the vaccine- update June 7

When will I get THE VACCINE?

We do not have any details regarding actual dates and times for foreigners to receive their vaccinations.  


Once you have registered using the app, we believe you will receive confirmation by SMS,

  • Step 1:  you will receive an SMS to confirm that your application has been checked by Immigration
  • Step 2:  you will receive another SMS notifying you when and where you can report to receive your vaccination. 

All of this information is subject to change.   You may wish to follow some of our news sources here.



We will continue to share information as we come across it.  Please be patient during this time.  

email: [email protected]


    1. Hi Sebastien, the “pink ID card” is a Thai ID card for foreigners. It is our understanding that once you have a yellow tabien baan (yellow house and resident registration book, or ‘Thor Ror 13’) you can apply for a pink ID card. You can Google for more information, or contact the Tessaban.

  1. I am a retiree with non of the pink card etc.
    Email: [email protected]
    Works well. Mailed my details got a reply 90 mins later with confirmation of registration and informing me they would contact me when the vaccine was available.
    Thanks Sisters.

      1. I registered on line but came back rejected. Went to immigration but was told even tho I have lived in Samui for 10 years I returned to the U.K. and had to obtain a OA VISA to travel back to Thailand as at the time I couldn’t enter on my O visa. As my visa is less then 12 months old I cannot register for vaccine at this moment in time. Anyone else have this issue ?

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