This blog provides information about getting Covid vaccines on Samui, as well as how to get vaccine certificates for domestic and international travel. 


Pfizer booster shots will be available for those who were vaccinated in Samui, as follows:

– Got the 2nd dose in September: can get a booster shot on 25-26 December 2021

– Got the 2nd dose in September-October: can get a booster shot on 7-9 January 2022


– Koh Samui Hospital from 08:00 – 16:00

– Central Festival Samui : 09:00 – 16:00

What to bring with you: ID/ Passport, Pen and Proof of vaccination (eg. Morprom application or copy of your vaccine certificate as proof). 

For more information, you can contact the Koh Samui Hospital

Call 077 913 200 

Email [email protected]


    There’s a temporary vaccine centre at Central Festival Samui, for anyone who hasn’t had their 1st or 2nd vaccines.  A 3rd booster is also available for people who’ve had 2 doses of Sinovac.

    • Walk in.  No appointment needed.
    • Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 3pm.
    • Beach Eats Zone, Level 1, Central Festival Samui.
    • Bring your ID card and/or passport.  Also bring documents confirming that you are staying in Samui.



    Non-Thai residents that have received their first vaccine can register for the Mor Phrom หมอพร้อม application and use the digital vaccine certificate as proof of their vaccine.


    1. Open the App Store on your phone, and search for หมอพร้อม 

    2. I wasn’t able to search for it using the English App name, but you could also try Mor Phrom.

    3. If it doesn’t work with your mobile number, try using the number of the person who helped you make the appointment for the first vaccine (eg. your husband or wife’s number).

    4. Don’t worry too much about the appointment date that’s shown in the app.  Advice from Koh Samui Hospital is to follow the date that’s on your appointment slip.  For location, same place where you got the first vaccine.  If they change the date they will post on the Facebook page of Koh Samui Hospital. 

    Thanks to @WritingByMatt for this information


    You can apply for a Vaccine Passport for international travel at Koh Samui Hospital (in Nathon).  

    Take your original passport to the Koh Samui Hospital (3rd floor office), complete the form and pay the 50 THB fee.  You will be given a receipt and a date to come back and collect the vaccination passport.  Be sure to allow some time for them to prepare the Vaccine Passport (or let them know if it is urgent). 

    Thanks to Samui Info by Nicha for this information.

    6 thoughts on “COVID VACCINE UPDATES – SAMUI”

      1. Hi Sebastien, the “pink ID card” is a Thai ID card for foreigners. It is our understanding that once you have a yellow tabien baan (yellow house and resident registration book, or ‘Thor Ror 13’) you can apply for a pink ID card. You can Google for more information, or contact the Tessaban.

    1. I am a retiree with non of the pink card etc.
      Email: [email protected]
      Works well. Mailed my details got a reply 90 mins later with confirmation of registration and informing me they would contact me when the vaccine was available.
      Thanks Sisters.

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