Update: COVID on Samui

Here is the latest update on COVID, as at 10th May.  

1. New Government Measures 

As at 4th May 2021 – there are some new restrictions in place.  You are not allowed to drink alcohol with 2 or more people in your own dwelling.  Also restaurants must stop in-restaurant dining at 9pm.   Source: PR.Surat Facebook page.

All of the previous restrictions are in place, regarding shop opening hours, etc.  And it is still recommended to stay in your house between the hours of 10pm and 4am.  


2. How many confirmed cases are there on Samui?

  • As at 15th May, there’s been a total of 85 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Koh Samui (since April 1st).
  • And there’s a total of 1416 cases reported (and 5 deaths) in Suratthani province (since April 1st). 
  • Last update: 15th May, 2021.


3. Should I get a COVID test?

If you have symptoms or have had contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, the recommendation is to get a COVID test.  You can get tested at 2 hospitals and 1 clinic in Samui.

If you’re not sure if you should get a test, why not do this online risk assessment form provided by the Rajavithi Hospital. Just use this as a guide.  If you’re not sure, please contact a medical professional.



4. Where can I get a COVID test?

  • Samui Hospital in Nathon – cost is 2150 THB per person, for foreigners. 
  • Bangkok Samui Hospital – cost is 5500 THB per person, if you get tested before 1pm, you will get your result in 24 hours.  If you go after 1pm, it will take 48 hours to get the result.
  • Samui Home Clinic in Bangrak – cost 3800 THB per person for the COVID-19 RT/PCR test.  They also provide the COVID-19 Antibodies IgG/IgM test for 1790 THB per person.


5.  What happens if you test positive?

The Department of Disease Control has insisted that all COVID-19 cases, even asymptomatic ones, must be treated in hospital to cut down on fatalities and curb the spread of disease.

So, that means – if you test positive for COVID, you will be taken to the Hospital and put into isolation (we think for 14 days).  Even if you are asymptomatic.  Most people are being taken to Samui Hospital in Nathon, and patients who are asymptomatic or just have light symptoms have been taken to an ALSQ Hotel.

Note: The Thai government will not pay for the medical expenses of foreigners – so if you don’t have health insurance, you will have to pay for everything. 


5. Where can I find news updates about Thailand and Samui?

We recommend the following news sources to stay up to date on the situation:



6. What about if I need to travel from Bangkok to Samui?

There may be some new guidelines in place regarding travel from/to red zones.  It’s best to check with the airline or the ferry company for the latest information. 


7. Do I need to wear a mask when I’m outside of my home?

Yes, you must wear your mask at all times when you’re away from your residence.  This is the law for Suratthani province, and the maximum fine is 20,000 THB.  Effective 20th April 2021.

8. Where can I find information about COVID vaccines in Samui?

Visit our COVID Vaccinations blog here – where we share information on how to register for the vaccine. 

9. Can you recommend some news sources?

Visit our News Sources blog here – where we recommend some sites and social media pages to follow (in English and in Thai).


Please stay safe everyone!!

If you have to go out, make sure to wear your mask, wash your hands and make sure you are social distancing! 

#staysafe #savesamuirecomm

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