Here’s a few ideas to help slow things down, reflect on your feelings and soothe your central nervous system.

MEDITATION – we have listed a few apps below which offer meditations and mindfulness practices. You can can access from your mobile phone for free (or with a subscription). Or look out for some meditation classes on the island.

BREATHWORK & ICE BATHS – can help reduce anxiety and stress, while helping to soothe your central nervous system

PODCASTS & DOCUMENTARIES – There are many podcasts and documentaries that you can listen/watch for free. We’ll add to this list over the coming weeks.

TRE – “Tension Release” and “Trauma Recovery” exercises can help to release stored stress and tension from the body, and help you come back to balance.

REIKI – an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety. It can also help to bring self-love into your life.

  • Uschi Herrmann is a Reiki Master Teacher, and offers Reiki for all levels in-person and online. Uschi is also the Founder of Celebrating Menopause with Reiki. For more information contact Uschi on Facebook, or email

ART – art therapy can help to express yourself more freely, and help improve your mental health, and interpersonal relationships. Make a start with some Adult Colouring Books, or join an Art Class.