Sisters on Samui (SOS) is a non-profit NGO, with Charitable Foundation status (Thai Reg.  2/2564). We aim to support those in need on Samui through fundraising activities,  community outreach programs and regular social events. 

SOS was formed in 1997 by a group of women who were living on the island. The ladies arranged to meet for monthly lunches and raised funds for charity.  One of the first big contributions to the Samui community included the donation of an incubator to the babies ward at Samui Hospital.  

More than 20 years later the group continues to bring together like-minded women for social lunches every month, and over the years has provided financial support to the Samui community including the Samui Hospital, the Samui Prison and Samui Rescue.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we noticed that there were hundreds of local Thai and Burmese families who had lost their jobs in the tourism sector and were struggling to get by. We started handing out food packages containing rice and basic shopping items and launched our #FeedSamui initiative. 

Sisters on Samui has continued to provide food packages to those in need since March 2020, thanks to support from local businesses, Samui residents and distant friends.

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SOS Presidents 2020

COVID-19 kills in different ways

We are fortunate on Koh Samui that the number of infected people has been very low and so far no deaths. So we are very fortunate.

However, what a number of us do not realise is the devastation this is causing. Thousands of Thais and Burmese, who live on Samui now have no means of support.

This is the reality right now here – these locals, are hotel workers, restaurant workers, chefs, cleaners, barmen, gardeners, taxi drivers – they have lost their jobs and as we all know in Thailand, most of them come here to work and send money home to their parents/children/family.

In March 2020, Sisters on Samui started handing out food packages containing rice and basic shopping items. The first day we saw so many people shy to say they were hungry and can’t feed themselves.

No Job, No money, No food!

This is where you can help.

We need donations to buy essentials, RICE, NOODLES, FISH SAUCE, EGGS, COOKING OIL and even such essential items as BABY FOOD, NAPPIES, SANITARY ITEMS.

If you can help in any way please make a donation.

SOS help me please