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Thanks for your support!

Thank to everyone who supported our 12 DAYS OF GIVING fundraiser by donating to the Sisters on Samui #FeedSamui campaign.  As at the time of writing this blog, this campaign has raised 137,861 THB (just over 3400 GBP). All funds raised will help us to provide much-needed food handouts to the local community, plus get more of our community gardens projects started.

Here’s a recap of our 12 days of giving:

On the FIRST DAY OF GIVING many families are in need of baby milk formula.  This is a costly product for families to buy.  It’s 929 THB for a 1.65kg carton of milk formula (which might only last a few weeks). 

On the SECOND DAY OF GIVING many families are in need of diapers. Two packs of disposable nappies costs 799 THB (148 nappies might last 4-6 weeks). This is a costly expense to families with infants and toddlers.

On the THIRD DAY OF GIVING many families need rice, a food staple in Thailand. Three packs of Jasmine Rice costs 1,569 THB (3 x 15KG). On our last visit to the Burmese camps we gave out 625kg of rice to 250 people. It seems a lot, but it doesn’t last long.

On the FOURTH DAY OF GIVING many families with young kids need infant cereal. Four packs of Cerelac Infant Cereal costs 940 THB (4 x 250g).

On the FIFTH DAY OF GIVING many families also like to buy UHT milk for their kids. This product doesn’t need to be refrigerated and provides Calcium to the kids. Five cartons of UHT Plain Milk costs 825 THB (each carton is 12 x 180 ml).

On the SIXTH DAY OF GIVING our community looked to us for help with veggies, and we gave to them gardens to go (grow). 100 baht gets you a basket of morning glory, 200 baht gets a basket of tomato plants and 300 baht gets you chillies or eggplants. Soil and manure included.

On the SEVENTH DAY OF GIVING many families are looking for some simple ways to add protein to a meal. 7 packs of canned Mackerel costs 1134 THB (Each pack = 10 x 155g cans)

On the EIGHTH DAY OF GIVING many families looking for a quick bite to eat enjoy Mama instant noodles. Mama noodles were one of the first food items to disappear from the supermarket shelves in Thailand in March this year. They are inexpensive, easy to cook and have a long shelf life. 8 cartons of Mama noodles costs 1352 THB (each carton = 24 x 90g).

On the NINTH DAY OF GIVING many women are in need of feminine hygiene products. For many girls and women, they are simply unaffordable. 9 packs of Laurier Sanitary Napkins costs 891 THB.

On the TENTH DAY OF GIVING many families need to purchase face masks and hand sanitiser as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19. 10 packs of Sanitiser and Face Masks costs 1915 THB (10 x 500ml hand sanitiser, and 10 x fabric face masks).

On the ELEVENTH DAY OF GIVING we know that there are many families who would appreciate a small bag of vegetables to add to their simple meals. 11kg of vegetables, such as carrots and onions, cost 1980 THB.

On the TWELFTH DAY OF GIVING we know that eggs are a staple food needed by many families. 12 trays of eggs costs 920 THB (12 x 30 = 360 eggs, which is probably enough for 3-4 families for a month)

You can donate to our online Weeboon campaign here.  Every little bit helps.

Introducing Weeboon

We have moved our online fundraising site across from GoGetFunding to Weeboon.   Using the new Weeboon campaign will help to streamline the administrative process for our Treasurer Claudia.   Plus Weeboon is a Thai company, so we’re helping keep more locals in jobs.

Weeboon accepts donations from all Debit and Credit cards.

You can donate to our online Weeboon campaign here.